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Just a little over two weeks ago . . .

I was in Dallas for a company event with my husband.

The event was great.

The company of my team members was awesome.

And having my husband there made the weekend super DUPER fabulous!

We had driven to Dallas, and on our way home we decided to stop at a few junk shops in search of chandeliers.

This was just the beginning for one of my projects.

We were looking for dining room chandeliers we could re-purpose into Solar Light Garden Chandeliers.

Here’s the video of us shopping.



We must have hit 7 or 8 shops.  Each shop unique and full of chandeliers!


But that’s not the important part of my story. 

I posted the video above on Facebook while we were still driving home and in less than an hour, someone responded with this message:



I turned to my husband and said, “Oh my gosh!  I think we’ve sold a chandelier!”

That’s when our Solar Garden Chandeliers were born.

And at this writing, we’ve sold 5!  Each one is made with love because we want buyers to have a great experience with this product.

And today, that 84 year old mom received one of the most unique gifts for her birthday.

Just look at her standing next to her fun birthday gift!


 This is what gives me thrills!  

When someone truly loves what we’ve made.

Wait until she sees it after dark!


I bring you this sweet story not only because it’s a sweet story but . . .

. . . to show you that blogging is a wonderful way to keep these special moments for years to come.

Everyone has stories to share, a passion they love, products to sell, a mission close to their heart.  Whatever it may be . . . leaving a legacy for your family and friends enjoy becomes an important part of who you are.

And when you live your life passionately, MAGIC HAPPENS.

This is what I create with my blog.


And I get paid! 

Here’s my message for you today . . . 


Would you like to learn how to start YOUR own blogging business?

Everyone has something to share.


and see for yourself the system that has not only helped me but so many others find their purpose in life while earning an income.

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