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Core Commitment #8

When an online entrepreneur starts an online business, to be successful in a new venture there are certain things that they should accomplish.

In my business, I follow something calledThe 8 Core Commitments“.

To learn what it is I actually do, just contact me later.

But for now, I want to tell you about Core Commitment #8 – Attend All The Events

In the beginning, I fought my way NOT to attend.

I had been to events, conventions, conferences, whatever you call them in other networking marketing businesses.

I had remembered the time I went to Kansas City for a convention.  My “upline”, as some are called, is the person you fall under when you sign up. That person usually makes some commissions from you when you sign up, buy products and get other people to sign up and buy products.  That upline SHOULD, in my opinion, be available for welcoming you into the business, initially showing you what to do, and ultimately taking you under his or her wing.  no_events

So I drove from St. Louis to Kansas City.  It was my first experience in home-based business.  I went to the convention at the KC Convention Center to find close to 30,000 people inside.  I looked around and saw no one I recognized and quickly took a seat amongst the crowd.  I started talking to the girl sitting next to me.  I introduced myself and told her where I was from and she did the same … just small talk.

Things halted when she started waving her glittery flag yelling “OVER HERE!  OVER HERE!”  And suddenly I felt all alone. About 10 women came running towards her, started hugging, and moving the articles that were saving their chairs.  And suddenly, I was no longer important to this girl.  Her friends had arrived and they were busy sharing stories and talking about their businesses.  I was alone.

I looked around trying to spot my upline … hoping to see a glittery flag or some other sort of prop that would spot her.  Nothing.

I sat there for 2 full days in chair that was meant for no one.  Meant for some loner that didn’t fit in or didn’t have a team or was never really helped to start a business.

One thing I learned from this experience is that all uplines are not cut out to be great people.  And that’s ok!  But at the time, I was so green, not knowing how MLMs or home-based businesses work that I really felt like an outsider looking in on a party.

A long story short …

I survived!  LOL

I succeeded.

I stayed with this company for a while but finally moved on to a different company.

And then a different company.

And a different one again.

About A Year Ago.

I found my lifetime niche in what will be my last online home-based business.  I’m never leaving.

1.  My company has 8 core commitments that when you follow them you have the necessary training to propel your business forward.

This is new for me.  Concrete training that teaches the principles of this company.

2. I have an upline that is hands-on with her team.  Erica Udeanu is pretty special and I still can’t believe I found her through the unique way we market.


She lives in Romania.  I live in mid-America.



When I first started, I remember her asking me if I had seen the 8 core commitments in my back office. I had.

“So are you committing to doing those,” she said.  I said yes.

And then Event Time came and she asked if I was going.  I said no.

I had been to events before.  I never explained to her what I said here in this blog post above.  

Frankly I didn’t want her to push me to go.  Events weren’t my thing.

So I stayed home.


It wasn’t until I committed to participating in her first bootcamp that I found my online family.

At the end of bootcamp, Erica asked me again, with her sheepish grin, “Are you committed to doing the 8 core commitments?”

And then she asked if I would be at the next event. I said yes.

I wanted to meet her and my fellow bootcampers in person at the next event.

It was the best thing I did. Look at all of us!

Each one of these people is a bright shining star in my life.

This is my online family.

tilt in nash



This brings me to the present.

About a week ago, I told my team I would be driving to Dallas for the company event (most will be flying to Dallas) …

… and I offered to transport anything they might need that would be hard to take on a flight.

Erica, in all her sweetness, PMed me a message that said …



It’s funny.  Whenever I read her Facebook messages and posts I find myself hearing her voice as I read.

I adore her accent and especially her enthusiastic outlook on life.


So here’s my trip to the Whole Foods Store in St. Louis, Missouri, USA with Erica online in Bucharest, Romania, a million miles away!


 I got such a kick out of doing this!  It made my day!



I’m off to Dallas, Texas next week for my 3rd company event with Erica’s requested in hand.

I have never seen or felt the comradery, love and team spirit that the TILT team members ooze!

If you’ve done MLMs, online, home-based businesses in the past …

and felt the same experiences I mentioned at the beginning of this post …

and became FED UP with the money you spent, the lack of coaching, the money you made and have said …




Maybe you should take a look one more time!  :)



Would you like to learn how to start YOUR own blogging business?

Everyone has something to share.


and see for yourself the system that has not only helped me but so many others find their purpose in life while earning an income.

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