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How To Add Your Website As An APP On Your iPhone Or iPad

Did you know …

… having an iPhone and/or an iPad …

… can get you just THAT MUCH MORE ORGANIZED when it comes to finding websites you frequently need to access?

It’s done with an APP of sort.

It’s a great way to save just those few more seconds of precious timing to get things done faster.

  • To get to your blog sites faster.
  • To get to your back office faster.
  • Conference calls in Zoom and Hangouts
  • News and weather
  • Online Shopping websites

Anything you find yourself using Safari for …

… this makes access easier and faster.

Watch this quick video of how I added my EN back office along with my blog sites and one of my team member’s blog site.


I hope this was of value to you.  I’d love for you to leave me a comment or ask a question if you need more clarification.


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